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Explore the Versatility of our Furniture

15 November 2016

All our furniture can be purchased as unfinished mahogany wood frames or any piece can be customised in any paint, any polish and any fabric.Choose from our collection of paints and polishes or ask us to match to the colour of your choice.

Simply select your style - customise your finish and........

Antique Styles

24 October 2016

Nowadays people often design traditionally styled furniture with a contemporary edge. If the graceful lines of French furniture or the elegance of the Regency period is for you but you have a modern approach in mind, you will find your ideal piece at Against the Grain - style it your way. Take a........

Choose to Polish or to Paint?

17 October 2016

A polished finish which reveals the natural colour and grain of the wood creates an elegant richness with a traditional feel whereas the paint finish with the endless colour choices can transform the classic style of the chair  into a versatile  modern contemporary piece.

Colour Me Beautiful

06 October 2016

Whether your style is bold and bright or soft and subtle, uniting different shapes and colours creates a cool updated look.

Warm Hearted

04 October 2016

There's a chill in the air and the glorious Autumn colours remind us we want to be cosy, comfy, warm and relaxed. The warming shades of fading red weaves, rustic neutrals, woodland motifs, tartans and leather create an atmosphere perfect for lazing in front of the fire.

Mixing Furniture Styles

24 September 2016

Can classic period furniture work within a more modern environment? It's hard to get it right but blending classical and contemporary styles can create an eclectic lived in look and keep a room looking fresh. If you are going to embrace contrasting styles do keep it simple - reupholster to give a........

Moody Blues

12 September 2016

'Denim Drift' is named as the shade of the new season. The trend of blocks of blue will look just as alluring in your home - a timeless shade that will work with furniture from any era. 

See our MoodyBlues Pinterest board for inspiration.

Reds, Yellows, Greens and Browns.

11 September 2016

Love Autumn - Harvest, Florals, Botanical Designs all herald the current vogue for a mellow and pastoral way of living.Incorporate nature into your Autumn interiors to be stylishly on trend.

For inspiration take a look at our Fresh and Floral Pinterest board. 

Coastal Cool

23 July 2015

Everywhere period furniture is mixing effortlessly with the ultra modern. Pieces from different eras blend the old with the new creating a style of their own.

By layering up tones of soothing whites, creams and neutrals with the cooler shades of blue it is easy to create a bright and energising........

Against the Grain 2015

17 July 2015

Against the Grain is one of a kind – an inspiring new website where you are invited to design your own furniture online.  

Our exclusive collection replicates popular antique furniture styles in beautifully hand carved mahogany. All furniture can be customised in any paint, any polish, any fabric.........

The Beginning

14 April 2015

My childhood home was filled with glorious furniture. My mother spent hours of time, travel and effort painstakingly seeking out the perfect piece of furniture to live in a chosen place. I must have unconsciously absorbed and learnt to recognise the different shapes and styles as well as the........